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Mission & Guiding Principles

We believe in trusted relationships and that our services must be innovative, cost efficient, conflict free, sustainable and respect the data privacy of every participant. 

Focus on  customers:

Create the most specialized, financing and logistics company dedicated to metals and minerals, built for the purpose of helping suppliers and buyers to improve their relationships and to more effectively and efficiently complete commercial transactions. 


Focus on investors:

Originate financial assets for investors seeking trade related credit exposure to metals and minerals obligors, that are profitable and well structured. Risks are identified and mitigated, providing a recurring flow of business at a superior risk adjusted return.


For our talent:

Attract, retain and develop very skilled people, that enjoy working together to grow as individuals and as a team. A diverse workplace where ingenuity, innovation and intellectual curiosity are rewarded. 

Our Guiding Principles


Trust and honor our commitments.


Unyielding pursuit of excellence in everything we do.


Create a culture of ingenuity, innovation and intellectual curiosity.

Cultivate, Support, and Integrate

Cultivate an inclusive and diverse work environment that empowers our people.

Support our communities through volunteerism and focus on environmental and business sustainability.

Integrate governance and risk management into all aspects of transactions and operations.


Have the courage to always do what is right, not what is easy.

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