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Why Us

Argentem Trade Services uses its industry and sector expertise to deliver customized supply chain finance and collateral management solutions, while ensuring privacy. Our clients rest assured knowing that our interests are aligned as we adhere to a conflict-free approach. We work hard for our clients and are proud that our relationships are built on the best foundation: trust.


We focus on our Clients:

A highly specialized firm building on long lasting relationships, we are dedicated to providing conflict-free and value-added services. We are market neutral and do not trade in physical or financial derivatives markets. Our services include off-balance sheet solutions and other specialized supplier financing for deliverable and semi-processed materials.

Careful consideration is taken in handling our fully integrated trade finance and collateral management services. Valuing our clients’ trust, we employ meaningful relationships and partner only with reliable providers to deliver the best service. Client privacy is paramount; we do not share any production, shipping or financial data with any outside parties.


We focus on our Investors:

Our large network across the supply chain enables us to originate financial assets for investors seeking quality trade-related credit exposure in metals and minerals. Investors come to us as we execute risk management strategies that limit operational risk and potential market fraud. Our operations are built upon solid processes and verifications designed specifically for the metals industry. Our proficiency through this process gives us the insight to keenly identify potential problems and resolve others when they arise.


We focus on our Talent:

We hire and develop highly experienced professionals with expertise in trade finance and collateral management. We value diversity, innovation, intellectual curiosity and we reward ingenuity. We align ourselves with those who share these principles and value our focus on trust, character and honesty.

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